Brian Blaisch, MD
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Like Dr. Chin, who has served East Oakland since 1974, Dr. Blaisch will continue the tradition of giving the best possible care to all children in the community. He and his staff take pride and pleasure in meeting the medical, cultural, and language needs of their patients. He speaks Spanish, and his office staff speak Chinese and Vietnamese.

Primary Pediatric Care

Dr. Blaisch provides a full range of primary care for patients newborn through age 18, including:

• Newborn hospital visits
• Scheduled well visits and immunizations
• Daycare, school, and sports physicals
• Urgent care and sick visits
• Care of chronic medical conditions (including CCS covered conditions), with specialist consultation referral and liaison
• Support for patients in the hospital
• Circumcision (for newborns up to age 2 months)

All services, except for circumcision, are covered by Medi-Cal and private insurance.

Learning and Behavioral Medicine

As the social problems that face our society continue to mount, more and more children are having learning and behavior problems, such as ADHD, at school and at home. As a specialist in pediatric behavioral medicine, Dr. Blaisch provides learning and behavior evaluations that focus on the child, not the problem. He treats every child as an individual, considers physical and psychological conditions, and works with parents and children, as well as the school, to find the best treatment. These services are typically covered by Medi-Cal programs and private insurance, but to varying degrees depending on the plan. Those aspects of evaluation and treatment that are not covered are available on a fee-for-service basis.

Other Services

Dr. Blaisch is available as a consultant and as an educational lecturer on a number of topics including Learning & Behavior Problems in Children, Travel Medicine, Wilderness Medicine, and Disaster Medicine. He is an Expert Medical Reviewer for The Medical Board of California. He is available to review medical records for medical-legal evaluations and second opinions. He is also available as medical liaison or advocate. These services are covered by insurance under special circumstances, and are otherwise available on a fee-for-service basis.